Dr Mohd Faizal Hafez

Who am I?

I am a qualified dental specialist, specialising in the prevention, diagnosing and treatment of periodontal disease or gum disease and the placement of dental implants. I have undergone my training as general dentist from University of Leeds, UK in 2002 and my specialization in periodontology from the University of Otago, NZ in 2013.

What do I do?

As a periodontist, my main duty is to provide care for patients with gum disease. This is first by diagnosing cases being refered or walk-in patient with gum problems. The service I provide includes non-surgical and surgical managements. Since it is acknowledged that gum disease is chronic in nature, maintenance is key after completion of treatment. The stability of the disease hinge upon long term supportive care and each case requires personalised based management.

I am also involved in academia as I am involved in the teaching of periodontology to undergraduates and postgraduate students at the Faculty of Dentistry , UiTM. This ensures that my knowledge and skills are a coherent with the latest in this field. Furthermore I am actively involved with the Malaysian Society of Periodontology (MSP) as a Life Member and currently a treasurer to this society.

What do I enjoy about what I do?

It is pleasing for me to help patient with gum problems as it is a condition that is under diagnosed most of the time as they are not aware of the problem in the first place until it worsens. Early signs of the disease is bleeding gums, but it is often neglected as it does not cause pain. If the condition persists and get worst it can cause their teeth to be mobile and eventually falls off.

I find this a challenge as each person that comes to see me with this condition is unique. Gum disease is a complex disease which requires a personalised treatment in which not all patient would be treated the same. Recently it has been acknowledge that once you are diagnosed with gum disease, the disease will stay with you for life. Hence it is important that we manage the disease of each patient with care and establish lifelong relationship.