Ellencyllona Bondly U Yakim

Ellencyllona Bondly U Yakim graduated from Universiti Teknologi MARA of Degree in Music Performance 2020. She spent experienced about 20 years on playing the classical piano under her mother which is also a classical pianist. As a classical pianist since young, she change her major instrument to modern piano when she enter Music Uitm. As a musician, she manage to learn in every section for arranging, composing, performing and educating. She was once represent Malaysia which the Dean of Faculty Music, Dr. Ramona on event culture music at Natal, Brazil in 2017. Beside piano, she also play the traditional instrument such as sarong barong, gamelan, peking, accordion, and many more while playing in the convocation day for UiTM or any event that are related to traditional. Also been a member of UCC (UiTM Chamber Music) she was in Soprano 1 of the member choir. Meanwhile, in her spare time, she can be found teaching in Yamaha Music School and spending time with familys, friends, and outdoor activities.